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Architectural Features



Commissioned "Fossil" wall in estate home each measuring 30" x 12" x 12".  Lighting effects enhance outside colors, while lighting inside of shape to accent contrast and depth.

Below is a single "Fossil" in a smaller size of 22 x 8 x 8".

Glass "Window Shade" 6 x 4' designed for a home that needed to allow light into a space while presenting art to the viewer

This triptych entitled "Time Passages" evoking the natural world's movement and strength, fills a niche in a collector's home.

54 x 30 x 3"



When you need to Wow! your client with a model of a large project, our studio can make it in glass.

Model of "Pearl of the Sea" Opera House in Hong Kong.


Wall Sculpture can take on many forms and colors important to the aesthetic of the project.  Dick works closely with client to unveil the style, character and message of each piece.



Large wall sculpture can make a statement, and with components like these, does not limit the size of the project.

"Quantum Geo"  30 x 36 x 1-3"


Have your logo custom made in glass.  This glass and steel sign measuring 3 x 5' is LED lit from behind and really let's your customers know who you are.


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